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I can offer bespoke hand made book shelfs and shelfs.

Ii have different companies I can buy them off and I can handmake them.

I can get wardrobes at excellent prices and I can make them my self.


I have a specific company I get my alcoves off that generally can build to any design.

Also I can hand make certain types.

I can build the subframes for decking and then lay the wood and composite.

I can provide hand made gates are buy from various companies.

I like to think that I can adapt my mind to all carpentry jobs whatever the requirements. 

fitted stairs

I use special glue for the mitres and have state of the art equipment to achieve perfect mitres

I have the skills required to rebuild newel posts and hand rails and fit the stairs. 

I have a specific company that I rely on who provide reasonable prices for high quality products.  I can also source elsewhere if needed.

oak door

I can provide measurements and all details for you to purchase your doors or I’m happy to purchase them for you 

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